About DucCutters®

The founder of DucCutters is Bill Johnson (azbill).

Bill Johnson is an enthusiast of custom Italian motorcycle. His hobbies include customizing Italian race bikes, photography and visiting new places. He is a professional designer and photographer, creating everything from printed marketing materials (catalogs, magazines, etc.), eCommerce websites, mechanical hardware, custom motorcycle parts, to doing sports photography.

Bill started this website in 2004 after winning the Ducati Monster Challenge in Long Beach. The website was originally just his project bikes. Then he started adding projects from friends and other Monster Challenge participants. After a few months it snow balled into a huge collection of custom Ducati's and other Italian motorcycles. "DucCutters" formally known as "TurboMonster" had changed the name of the site to better represent all the people contributing. Not all the projects are not Turbo'ed or Monsters, so TurboMonster doesn't really fit anymore. But we all like cutting up Duc's, therefore it's now DucCutters. For more information about the DucCutters logo click here.

The primary sponsor of DucCutters is Bill's graphic design company, Possession Studios. Possession Studios provides graphic design and photography services. They have provided design services since 1991 to companies ranging from small back room start up's to fortune 500 companies. Specialty is in direct mail materials and Internet solutions.

For more information contact: azbill@duccutters.com

Projects From Bill Johnson
Nitrous 900
Bull Elefant
Moose 350

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