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Show your support for DucCutters by sending in your pictures or videos proudly displaying your creative use of the DucCutters logo, club patch, club T-shirt or limited edition DucCutters products (like our DucFoot kickstand extenders).

To get yourself post on this page contact Bill at azbill@DucCutters.com.

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2007 Concorso Arizona
DCtat-01.jpg (97 K) DCtat-02.jpg (100 K) DCtat-03.jpg (98 K) DCtat-05.jpg (81 K)
The 1st DucCutters Tattoo on record! (Bill Johnson - 04/23/08)
monsterartcontest03.jpg (200 K) monsterartcontest13.jpg (130 K) monsterartcontest04.jpg (157 K) monsterartcontest00.jpg (153 K) monsterartcontest10.jpg (215 K)
DucCutters "2009 Monster Art Club Contest" entry. Once the contest was announced and I recruited some of the clubs members, and we decided we wanted to do something very different than anyone else might fathom. To essentially create "DucCutters (DOC) wallpaper patterns" and applied to a Ducati via an auto-wrap method. Intent was to step 100% outside of the normal paint job parameters and here is what we created, an intermixture of the Ducati corporate logo as well as the DucCutter logo. By Bill Johnson, Mark Savory & Ricky Gonzalez.

Only the 2nd Known DucCutters Tattoo!

08/28/12 Update!
Mango_1.jpg (85 K) Mango_2.jpg (100 K)
"Mango Motard" by Rob Mango
071908projects22.JPG (187 K)
"TurboMonster" by Bill Johnson
012410Kromo08.JPG (193 K)
by Bill Johnson

Julie & Bill

Bill Johnson

Kevin Saiyachak

Kurt Marmor
100_0013.JPG (2 Mb)
Bill Johnson
CapClosed-RickyGonzalez.jpg (41 K)
Ricky Gonzalez
CapOpen-RickyGonzalez.jpg (39 K)
Ricky Gonzalez
RickyGonzalez-666r.jpg (82 K)
Ricky Gonzalez

JohnMotaDucFoot-01.jpg (145 K) JohnMotaDucFoot-02.jpg (189 K) JohnMotaDucFoot-03.jpg (139 K) JohnMotaDucFoot-04.jpg (186 K) JohnMotaDucFoot-05.jpg (241 K)
John Mota's DucCutters DucFoot
PowerBookSticker1.jpg (37 K)
Bill Johnson
PowerBookSticker3.JPG (82 K)
Bill Johnson

Jeffrey Cinnamond

Olivier Emsens

James Hoard's HD Crashed Helmet
Todd Baker's DucCutters Alt Cover
Dan Almberg's DucCutters Clutch Cover
Orlando Melis's Monster And Riding Gear
Conner Ford Official Zippo Melanie Hellcat Goulder
Andrew Ford
Custom Oakley DucCutters Sun Glasses 2009 Concorso Arizona
Robert Beebe's DucCutters Themed Monster.
From Wayen and Todd Patterson at DucatiBunbury.com Dario Pe DucCutters Themed Helmet
Justin Whitaker's DucCutters Themed HyperMotard. DOC WPM 2008
New Stickers Patrick Pauwels Monster
Richard Camacho
Ducati Security
An DeMoto Jeffrey Perkins Mondo Ronzoni
Dan Almberg Dario Peljhan
Ducati Monster 1100 Evo
Heather Davidson's Mustang
Ron Michaud

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