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"DucCutters" formally known as "TurboMonster" has changed the name of the site to better represent all the people contributing. Not all the projects are Turbo'ed or Monsters, so TurboMonster doesn't really fit anymore. But we all like cutting up Duc's, therefore we are now DucCutters!

The DucCutters club dedicated to customized Italian motorcycles. This online community is open to anyone who is serious about customizing their Italian motorcycles, sharing information on customized Italian motorcycles and competition. We're continuously adding resources and information to help educate an inform our club memebers on unique and safe ways to customize there Italian motorcycles.

Full Membership in the club is for owner's of customized Italian motorcycles. Full members receive their own page in our project section to display their bikes (multiple bikes are acceptable). To submit a bike, please fill out the form below and eMail your photos to azbill@DucCutters.com.

Any questions, comments or suggestions contact azbill@DucCutters.com.

Best regards,
Bill Johnson
DucCutters Club President

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DucCutters Privacy Policy
DucCutters will NOT "sell" or "give permission" for your projects information to be used by third parties without the express permission of the bikes owner. DucCutters will NOT ask for your VIN number, street address, credit card or other personal information. If you have any questions regarding DucCutters privacy policy contact azbill@possessionstudios.com.

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