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Miscellaneous Gallery (04/07/17)
SEMA 2015 (11/09/15)
2014-2015 International Motorcycle Show (11/09/14)
SEMA 2014 (11/08/14)
Red Rock Harley-Davidson (11/04/14)
4th Annual Le Bellezze d' Italia Car Show (10/11/14)
The Auto Collections (02/03/14)
2013-2014 International Motorcycle Show (01/25/14)
McDonalds Rock-n-Roll Car Show (01/25/14)
19th Annual Classic Motorcycle Show (01/05/14)
SEMA 2013 (11/10/13)
3rd Annual Le Bellezze d' Italia Car Show (02/23/13)
2nd Annual Le Bellezze d' Italia Car Show (02/18/12)
17th Annual Classic Motorcycle Show (01/08/12)
2012 Tortilla Flat (01/01/12)
Las Vegas Supercar Trackday 2011 (07/05/11)
Ducati Sogno Camera (04/16/11)
1st Annual Le Bellezze d' Italia Car Show (10/20/10)
Miscellaneous Video Gallery (09/13/10)
Concorso Arizona 2009 (11/14/09)
14th Annual Classic Motorcycle Show (01/04/09)
2009 Tortilla Flat (01/01/09)
Bill Johnson Gallery (11/09/08)
2008 Desmosedici Delivery (10/15/08)
Inside The Desmosedici RR (04/26/08)
Wayne Patterson Gallery (02/22/08)
U.S. MotoGP 2007 (07/22/07)
LA Calendar Show 2007, Long Beach (07/15/07)
Concorso Arizona 2007 (04/14/07)
Sturgis 2006 (08/30/06)
Clyde Carstairs Gallery (06/04/06)
Laughlin River Run 2006 (04/29/06)
LA Calendar Show 2005, Long Beach (07/16/05)
Ducati WPM 2005, Italy (06/28/05)
Bill Johnson's TurboMonster & MotoCreations Desmo Chopper (05/16/05)
Daytona BikeWeek 2005 (03/13/05)
Ducati Day Daytona Party 2005 (03/11/05)
Ducati Day Daytona Party 2005 (Continued) (03/11/05)
Bill Johnson's "TurboMonster" at CycleWorld magazine. (04/11/05)
Ducati Monster Challenge 2004-2005 (11/05/04)
Long Beach Monster Challenge 2004 (12/03/04)





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