Bill Johnson (azbill)
President of the DucCutters

AzBillI'm an enthusiast of custom Italian motorcycle. My hobbies include customizing Italian race bikes, photography and visiting new places. I'm a professional designer and photographer. I create everything from printed marketing materials (catalogs, magazines, etc.), eCommerce websites, mechanical hardware, sports photography, to custom motorcycle parts.

I started the this web site in 2004 after winning the Ducati Monster Challenge in Long Beach. The site was originally just my projects. Then I started adding projects from my friends and other Monster Challenge participants. After a few months it snow balled into a huge collection of custom Ducati's and other Italian motorcycles. "DucCutters" formally known as "TurboMonster" has changed the name of the site to better represent all the people contributing. Not all the projects are Turbo'ed or Monsters, so TurboMonster doesn't really fit anymore. But we all like cutting up Duc's, therefore we are now DucCutters!

Possession StudiosThe primary sponsor of DucCutters is my graphic design company Possession Studios. Possession Studios provides graphic design and photography services. We have provided design services since 1991 to companies ranging from small back room start up's to fortune 500 companies. Specialty is in catalogs, magazines, direct mail materials and Internet solutions. With an emphasis on professional photography, illustration and layout.
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Bill Johnson's Projects (8)
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Ducati DucLamp
Ducati ST4 frame recycle into a unique floor lamp.
Info: Ducati STx
Owner: Bill Johnson
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Ducati TurboMonster
A customized Turbocharged Ducati Monster. With custom chrome bodywork.
Info: 1996 Ducati Monster
Owner: Bill Johnson
Bull Elefant
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Ducati Bull Elefant
A rare Ducati Elefant, souped up for racing. Featuring FBF 944 engine, tailgunner exhaust and custom graphics.
Info: 1995 Ducati Elefant
Owner: Bill Johnson
Cucciolo 2005 Project
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Cucciolo 2005 Project
Recreation of a Ducati 1946 Cucciolo. Since the Ducati 49cc single engine hasn't been made in 60 years, a China's made 48cc engine was used instead.
Owner: David Goldfarb
Moose 350
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Ducati Moose 350
My 350 scrambler rebuilt into a custom cafe racer. Featuring a mono rear shock, tressel style swing arm and 12 volt electronics.
Info: 1969 Ducati Single
Owner: Bill Johnson
Nitrous 900
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Ducati Nitrous 900
A Ducati SuperSport drag bike with a Nitrous.
Info: 1996 Ducati SuperSport
Owner: Bill Johnson
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Ducati DucChair
This was a side project, made with a damaged frame from the Moose 350 project and some spare parts laying around my shop.
Info: 1969 Ducati Single
Owner: Bill Johnson
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Ducati HyperKromo
A custom HyperMotard featuring an turbocharger Ducati 1100 engine packaged in chrome and carbon fiber body work.
Info: 2008 Ducati HyperMotard
Owner: Bill Johnson

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Bill Johnson
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Phone: (602) 740-5884

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