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Ducati ZeroUno
Project By: Gianni Pellegrino (gianni@ducgp.com)
Website: www.ducgp.com

Based on a Ducati Monster, Gianni Pellegrino had turned this bike into a true custom Italian motorcycle!

Front Wheel Drive:
The extended lattice frame by two new lattice struts to the front wheel, which are fixed rigidly replacing the fork system. A drive chain powers the front wheel by a gearbox output on the production engine to the front wheel via an intermediate shaft located at steering head height. The chains can be adjusted via separate tensioners.

Rear Steering:
The handlebar remained in the usual place, only it no longer moves the front wheel, which forms the drive in this case. Instead the rear steering head connected to the handlebar via several hidden lever ratios, the linkage of which runs partially under the seat. The base plate moves via a slightly tilted rear axle the tubular suspension, on the right and left.

Dual Rear Wheel:
Yes, rear wheels! No it's not a trike, but rather two thin rear tires giving the bike a wider rear foot print. Between the two tires is a brake disc on the common rear axle.

All that, and cool custom bodywork and paint job! I'm sure there would be a steep leaning curve to learn to ride the bike, but it looks like it would be fun to try. We hope to see a video on the bike on the road soon.

Ducati ZeroUno

Ducati ZeroUno
(Ducati Monster)

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