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DucCutters Boost Glossary
This glossary of forced induction related terms was created to help the DucCutters users better understand the world of forced induction. We want to make the glossary as useable to everyone as possible. Feel free to send us additions, correction and so on to Bill Johnson at azbill@DucCutters.com.
There are a total of 108 terms currently available.

5 Terms Available.

Vacuum-atmospheric pressure sensor. Used in electronic fuel injection systems.

Variable vane turbo nozzle, a term used to describe a movable vane assembly in a turbocharger. Movable vanes adjust the amount of exhaust which can pass through an exhaust turbine housing.

A slightly funnel-shaped cone that attaches to the inlet of a carburetor, fuel injection throttle body, inlet opening to a compressor housing, or supercharger, and is used to smooth the flow of air.

The smallest part of the throttle bore in a carburetor.

A rating that describes how efficiently an engine can consume air and expend exhaust gases in relation to pressure drop, port, and combustion chamber design.

 DucCutters Boost Glossary 

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