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DucCutters Boost Glossary
This glossary of forced induction related terms was created to help the DucCutters users better understand the world of forced induction. We want to make the glossary as useable to everyone as possible. Feel free to send us additions, correction and so on to Bill Johnson at azbill@DucCutters.com.
There are a total of 108 terms currently available.

4 Terms Available.

A measurement of gasoline's ability to resist detonation.

Original equipment manufacturer. Refers to the original maker of a piece of equipment, such as a motorcycle. The original maker of a product.

Chemicals (alkenes) used in making racing gasoline.

A device used to measure the oxygen content of engine exhaust; used to signal either an air/fuel ratio meter or electronic control unit in an electronic fuel injection system.

 DucCutters Boost Glossary 

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