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Project bike in production.

  • Solar Cowl
  • Monster Coat Rack
  • Bar Clamp
  • "Desmo Opener" Crankcase Cover
  • Monster 240 Swingarm
  • Thumb Brake
  • Air Scoops
  • uCluster
  • Update Photos
  • Oversized Grips
  • Tail Chop & Seat Release
  • DucFoot Kickstand
  • Tubular Rear Sets
  • Street Sweeper Exhaust
  • Fuel Cap Refinish
  • Rebuild Phase 2
  • Rebuild Phase 1

  • Solar Cowl (in production)
    Production from May 24, 2008
    052408_0033.JPG (148 K) 052408_0001.JPG (125 K) 052408_0003.JPG (176 K) 052408_0004.JPG (191 K) 052408_0005.JPG (116 K)
    052408_0011.JPG (224 K) 052408_0014.JPG (228 K) 052408_0015.JPG (165 K) 052408_0018.JPG (170 K) 052408_0020.JPG (187 K)
    052408_0022.JPG (164 K) 052408_0026.JPG (2 Mb) 052408_0031.JPG (165 K) 052408_0032.JPG (170 K)
    Production from June 29, 2008

    6160 Frame v1
    Production from July 5, 2008: Solar charger kit assembled.
    070508Solarcowl00.JPG (112 K) 070508Solarcowl01.JPG (82 K) 070508Solarcowl02.JPG (82 K) 070508Solarcowl03.JPG (83 K) 070508Solarcowl04.JPG (87 K)
    070508Solarcowl05.JPG (95 K)
    Monster Coat Rack (04/12/08)
    I finally found a use for the original rear sets off my Monster.
    100_0001.JPG (95 K) 100_0004.JPG (68 K) 100_0005.JPG (74 K) 100_0006.JPG (80 K) 100_0011.JPG (84 K)
    100_0013.JPG (78 K)
    Bar Clamp
    The ideal is to make a 3D bar clamp to cover up the scratches on the handle bar (from the old boost gauge mount). The design will be the stacked version of the Duc Cutters logo. The starting point will be from a old FBF aluminum clamp my buddy milled flat.
    Production from October 1, 2007

    Scale Drawling (PDF)

    Had a 48mm ring cut into the center of the face plate
    Production from October 18, 2007

    Milled out the sides of the clamp
    Production from May 23, 2008
    052308_0009.JPG (122 K) 052308_0011.JPG (141 K) 052308_0014.JPG (174 K) 052308_0015.JPG (100 K) 052308_0016.JPG (117 K)
    052308_0017.JPG (150 K) 052308_0018.JPG (224 K) 052308_0020.JPG (224 K) 052308_0021.JPG (284 K) 052308_0022.JPG (228 K)
    Production from May 26, 2008
    DSC00639.JPG (59 K) DSC00642.JPG (55 K) DSC00645.JPG (53 K) DSC00647.JPG (75 K) DSC00650.jpg (77 K)
    Production from May 28, 2008
    100_0005.JPG (195 K) 100_0001.JPG (154 K) 100_0002.JPG (163 K) 100_0006.JPG (290 K) 100_0007.JPG (260 K)
    100_0003.JPG (148 K) 100_0004.JPG (150 K)
    Finished - May 29, 2008
    100_0016.JPG (122 K) 200_0001.JPG (115 K) DSC00657.JPG (141 K) DSC00663.JPG (103 K) DSC00664.JPG (92 K)
    DSC00665.JPG (89 K) DSC00666.JPG (98 K) DSC00667.JPG (108 K) DSC00668.JPG (114 K) DSC00670.JPG (114 K)
    Installed - July 19, 2008: Opp's forgot to take pictures to post...
    071908projects19.JPG (165 K) 071908projects20.JPG (171 K) 071908projects21.JPG (179 K) 071908projects22.JPG (187 K) 071908projects23.JPG (172 K)
    "Desmo Opener" Crankcase Cover
    My ideal is to make a 3 dimensional, multi-functional crankcase cover. I've never seen one that didn't look stock with a logo on it.

    Scale Drawling (PDF)

    Crankcase Cover

    Bottel Opener

    Comp 1

    Comp 2
    Production from September 16, 2007

    1) Milled the face of the stock part smooth

    2) Sandblasted the finish of both pieces

    3) Cut the tabs of the wall opener

    4) Re sandblasted the cut wall opener

    5) Mock Up
    Production from September 17, 2007

    6) J-B Weld'ed the two pieces together (24hr dry)

    Paint test on cast aluminum
    Production from September 19, 2007

    7) Dremel'ed the J-B Weld smooth

    8) After sandblasting the part, I wet sanded the face plate smooth.

    9) Sprayed the part with the "Killer Cans" Jet Black (6hr dry)

    10) Sprayed the part with the "Killer Cans" Crystal Clear (24hr dry)
    Production from September 27, 2007

    11) Applied several dusting of "Killer Cans" Killer Chrome (6hr dry)
    Production from September 29, 2007

    12) Sprayed the part with the "Killer Cans" Crystal Clear (24hr dry)
    Production from October 1, 2007

    13) Hand polished part with cotton cloth, for studio photos

    Reflectivity/Luminosity Test: Passed!
    Production from October 6, 2007
    NEXT: Face plate logo and in-use photos.

    Face Plate Design (PDF)
    Monster 240 Swingarm (In the design stage)
    I want to make a tubular swing arm, much the same design as a Bimota, that will accommodate a Pirelli "Diablo XXL 240/40ZR-18". My original ideal was to use a "Metzeler 300 Series" rear tire, but with the release of the new "Z" rated Pirelli 240 I have to switch! I'll be using a solid disk rim with a 1" axle.

    The design will use a jack shaft and extended the swing arm about 4" over the stock. I'll have to run the stock shock and replace it with a solid rod (hard tail style), till I can find a shock engine to make me a function replacement. The tubing will be mild-steel (chromed) and the end-blocks with be CNC'ed Aluminum (hard anodized black) or Stainless steel depending on what the machine shop suggest.

    Standard Swingarm

    Monster 300 Swingarm (1)

    Bimota db2

    Bimota db2

    Bimota db2

    King Swingarm

    Mock Up
    Production from November 6, 2007

    Swingarm 240

    Bimota Tesi 3D

    Diablo XXL

    Diablo XXL
    Thumb Brake (w/Tom's Italian Tune And Service)
    After changing the rear sets on my Monster, I had trouble using the rear brake lever. The lever position was just to far off and with the rear set position a new lever wasn't going to be a simple solution either. So, I switched to a Brembo "GP-Series III" Thumb brake. Works great and really cleaned up the right foot peg area!
    Air Scoops (RoadRacing.it)
    uCluster (w/Rick Murphy)
    I want to make a new instrument cluster to better integrating the boost guard and incorporating LED's for the tach. I saw instrument a cluster on a bike made by "Chica Custom Cycles" with two 2.25" gauges I like, so I'm taking that design and Monster sizing it to 3.5". Should be big enough to act as a wing screen as well.

    Chica Custom Cycles

    Chica Custom Cycles
    Aerocompositi - Roma Avio




    Production from July 15, 2006



    Production from August 10, 2006
    Update Photos - May 10, 2006
    Oversized Grips (0.875" to 1.000" [1.4375" OD])
    Tail Chop & Seat Release (w/MotoCreations)

    The "Bumper" comp

    The "Spike"


    The ring was off the first LAW's rocket I fired in OS training at Fort Bragg's JFK SW school.
    DucFoot Kickstand
    After many years of want to make a 3 dimensional duck foot kickstand I taled Mark into helping me produce my ideal. With help milling the ruff shape and weeks of Dremeling we where able to weld it onto the stock kickstand leg. It also increased the length of the kickstand .75", give the bike a better lean angle.

    Licks Cycles

    Licks Cycles

    Design v1 (PDF)

    Design v2 (PDF)

    Prototype v1

    Prototype v1

    Prototype v1
    Blank v2

    Prototype v1
    Blank v2
    Production from July 25, 2006
    Mass Production: November 9, 2008
    I recreated my original design in eMachineShop's CAD software and placed an order for a dozen units in 6160 T-6 Aluminum. I will be hand finishing all the pivots.
    Click Here eMachineShop's Project Gallery for the "Motorcycle Kickstand Foot".
    Tubular Rear Sets (w/MotoCreations)
    Designed to work with "Street Sweeper Exhaust". Incorporates the rubber foot pegs from the 50's Ducati singles, a secondary brace for the upper kickstand bolt and Ducati 748 style rear break master cylinder. From the stock peg position these are 1" down (X), 1/2" forward (Y) and 1/2" in toward the case (Z). (01/05/06)



    Street Sweeper Exhaust (w/MotoCreations)
    Modifing the orginal turbo exhaust created by Mike Lee and JB Racing. We removed the final section with the cans and switch to a straight multi-port output with limited baffling. I the new design was to imulate "Road Racing" under bike exhaust, plus reduce weight and back pressure. It's a cross Road Racing exhaust and the Ferrari F40. (10/04/05)

    18" Straight Pipe

    Hor. Slots

    Vert. Slots

    Big Mouth

    Big Mouth Tail Cut

    Dual Port

    Tri Port


    Ferrari F40
    Fuel Cap Refinish
    Sand blasted the gold paint of the gas cap. Remounted it with purple anodized screws from "Taste Nuts". (05/10/05)
    Rebuild Phase 2 (w/Tom's Italian Tune And Service)
    Rebuilt the bike for the first Ducati Monster Challenge in Long Beach. Powder coated the frame, painted the engine, painted calipers, etc. (11/14/04)
    Rebuild Phase 1 (w/Rick Murphy)
    Rebuild the bike to replace all the hoesing and wire related to the turbocharger. We also chromed the tank and changed some of the bodywork. (05/23/03)

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